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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are Senior Home Remodeling and Aging in Place Experts


Mission Statement:

Aging in Place (AIP) serves the needs of our aging and disabled population by providing home modification to help individuals remain in their current home. We also provide information to assist you in the planning process, and our website is dedicated to creating a supportive environment for this time of life transition for both individuals and their families.

While the primary services that AIP provides are related to remodeling and home modification, there is more to successfully aging in place than just altering your living environment. Here at AIP, our objectives are to help inform you about the options you have to remain in your home, as well as providing information on local services, people, and products than can assist in this process.


We are CSA Members

Today’s aging population is growing exponentially – and the need for qualified professionals to meet the multi-faceted needs of older adults and their families is greater than ever. Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) is the leading certification designation for professionals seeking to supplement their knowledge.  Earning the CSA certification requires individuals to pass a rigorous exam, uphold the highest ethical standards, and to complete continuing education requirements.

What makes a Certified Senior Advisor exceptional, is their application of the knowledge gained through the CSA “Working with Seniors” course, combined with their professional experience. CSAs are committed to ethical behavior to benefit senior clients and their families. A CSA builds their health, social, legal and financial knowledge regarding the challenges of aging through continuing education. They form a strong network of local strategic partnerships, and act in concert on behalf of the seniors they serve, using a unified approach which demonstrates the benefit to the client of holding the CSA certification.

Craig L. Nelson, CSI, CAPS, CSA


Craig Nelson was born in Chicago, IL.

Craig received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign in 1978. Upon graduation he worked as an instrumentation engineer building the V. C. Summers Nuclear Power Plant until 1981. He returned to Chicago and worked as a Building Restoration Engineer, concentrating on structural repairs to concrete.

In 1986, Craig moved to Colorado Springs, CO and founded Professional Restoration & Repair, (PR&R), where he has been sole proprietor for the last 28 years. The company specializes in the structural and cosmetic repair to concrete, masonry and wood.

Craig is registered as a National Association of Home Builders: Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and a member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors (CSA).


Steven R. Jelinek, Class "C" Contractor, CAPS


Steve has been working in the construction trades for over 50 years as a carpenter; Licensed Professional Land Surveyor; Licensed Builder Contractor; Indoor Air Quality Consultant to the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense, the University of Colorado, and Colorado State University. He is the 30 year owner of a Victorian era home, which has given him more practical experience than he cares to remember. Steve ran a successful handyman business before being sidelined by an injury. In this last endeavor, Steve gained considerable experience servicing the various changing needs of his elderly clients, most of whom continue on as his Aging in Place clients.



Veronica Gomez, CNA, Office Manager


Veronica is our Social Media Guru. She is less than half a century old and not a dinosaur, qualifications not possessed by others in the company.








Professional Restoration and Repair

If home repair, remodel or modification is the right choice for you, our sister firm Professional Restoration & Repair (PR&R), can provide all services as they are a fully licensed and insured contractor that has serve the front range of Colorado since 1986. PR&R has been solving unique problems for the whole time and certainly with our A+ BBB rating we can solve any problems that come your way. They provide specialty concrete, masonry, and wood repairs for the built environment for both structural and cosmetic issues. If you would like further information or to see repairs completed please visit their website at:


National Association of Homebuilders


Aging in Place and Professional Restoration & Repair are proud members of the Colorado Springs Home Builders Association and their Remodeler’s Council.